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Suzy Duffy

Welcome to my website,

Thanks for clicking in because this is where I’ll tell you all about the paperbacks, E books and projects I have in the pipeline and you can tell me whatever’s on your mind!

My genre is Romantic Comedy and I hope my books entertain you. They’re meant to be fun. Wellesley Wives - my debut US novel got into The Amazon Kindle top 100, within two weeks of being published. Locally it got to No 10, in the 2012 BESTSELLERS LIST – an amazing achievement considering it was published on September 27th! Newton Neighbors - the second in the New England Trilogy will be out; September 2013 and Lincoln Ladies; in the autumn of 2014.

Romantic comedy with a cause;

I give 10% of my royalties to charity. The New England Trilogy will donate to The Friends of Boston’s Homeless. So you’re doing good when you buy one of my books! If you know of a charity that you think could use our help (and I do mean our because I earn my royalties on the books you buy) then mail me and let me know.

Thanks & Happy Reading.

Lots of love,
Suzy Duffy